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SAFETY+ Safeguard the Yield of your Rapeseeds

SAFETY+ genetic innovation – outstanding early vigour that delivers strong production and yields.

Safeguard the Yield

MAS Seeds developed the SAFETY+ winter oilseed rape portfolio to give growers peace of mind from seed to harvest. SAFETY+ seed varieties were selected for their vigour and strong establishment. Quick to fill in, these varieties out compete weeds and have the ability to withstand pest pressure.


The key points:


  • Better early vigor until 4 leaves stage
  • Strong development before winter
  • Better use of Nitrogen





safety+ picture



growing rapeseed


Agronomic advices

For success in rapeseed optimal planting conditions and early season establishment are key. Complicated weather conditions, pest pressure, weed pressure and soil nutrients are all hurdles that you face at seeding.

While advancements in management and cultivation practices  – early sowing, companion plants, starter fertilization – reduce the impact of these problems variety selection remains a key tool to limit risk.​



SAFETY+ Genetic Innovation

The better mix of performance and durability for sustainable farming.

SAFETY+ rapeseed hybrid portfolio helps farmers to adapt to the changing climate through MAS Seeds agronomy.




Better Agronomy

+5% of plants at leaves stage*



growing rapeseed

Better early vigor and a quick plant establishment allow for optimal plant stands (plants/m2), helping you protect your yields.


*Source R&D MAS Seeds 2018 à 20201

**Source Terres Inovia tools, for a yield of 3T/ha



Better Yield

+10 to 20% of biomass volume

before winter*


better yield

4 leaves stage is complete quickly to limit the flea beetles and weevils adults impact. Plants with more volume before winter reduces damages from flea beetle and weevil larvae.



Lower Carbon Footprint

0,5kg/m2 of plant volume in addition

30 to 35kg of Nitrogen/ha saved**


better footprint

Plants that are more developed before winter reduce cultivation costs by reducing weed pressure​ and a better use of available nitrogen



How to optimize Nitrogen Fertilization