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GREEN+ genetics

GREEN+ Hybrids to Secure Feed Efficiency in Changing Climate

The no.1 objective of cattle breeders in Europe – Harvest at the right time to optimize quality and conservation in the silo.

Harvesting Silage Corn at the Optimal Maturity

The no.1 objective of cattle breeders in Europe – Harvest at the right time to optimize quality and conservation in the silo.

Harvesting between 32-35% of dry matter is the good compromise between yield, feed value and quality of conservation.

Silage maize hybrids are an important tool to help livestock producers manage livestock feed security and efficiency in the face of changing climate conditions. Research shows that presently two-thirds of farmers do not harvest their silage maize at the optimal staging. Choosing the right silage maize – like GREEN+ from MAS Seeds  – variety can give you more harvest flexibility and a better feed quality in your silo.







stay green

What is Stay-green?

Stay-green is defined as a genetic ability of a maize variety to delay the maturity of leaves and stems, allowing it to continue its photosynthetic process for longer period.

In the face of climate change and drought stress the optimal harvest window for silage maize grows shorter and more unpredictable. Our seed research team at MAS Seeds have spent over 15 years examining the morphological and physiological factors of the maize plant affected by drought.

This has led us to develop the Green+ line of maize hybrids, which have an improved ability to respond to stress including a longer stay-green period. These genetic advances make it possible to ensure that each stage of silage maize production – from harvest to animal feeding to the quality of the silo – is lower risk and more profitable for your farm.

Storage Quality

Keep +3% More Silage with GREEN+

MAS Seeds experts analyzed more than 500 maize silos for two years in 10 European countries. GREEN+ hybrids have shown a high level of soluble sugars at harvest as well as a higher proportion of green parts which consume more oxygen in the silo. This gives GREEN+ hybrids a quicker start of fermentation and a faster pH drop in the silo. With GREEN+, losses are limited with less impact of bacteria activities and the silage quality is better preserved

mini silo comparison

                        GREEN+ Silo             Classic Silo






stay green

Innovative Hybrids by MAS Seeds Experts


Characteristics of GREEN+ Hybrids



 Harvest Flexibility


  • GREEN+ varieties extend your harvest window by 5-10 days
  • Improved maize hybrid stay-green
  • Flexibility for your harvest planning


Storage Stability

storage in silo

  • GREEN+ hybrids have a high level of soluble sugars 
  • Quicker start to fermentation with a faster pH drop
  • Better volume conservation in silo – +3% advantage in European trials


 Feed Performance


  • GREEN+ varieties have a slower maturity of grain dry matter
  • Less vitreous at harvest and easier to crack for improved rumen digestibility
  • Higher valorisation of starch – +5% increase in digestible starch



GREEN+ Silage Maize Seeds Portfolio


The GREEN+ portfolio offers 18 silage maize varieties for spring 2022 developed by the R&D team in our maize silage research program.

MAS Seeds silage hybrids are tested in environments that farmers grow to provide consistent yields in good conditions and poor conditions considering several parameters such as yield potential, disease tolerance, drought tolerance and lodging tolerance are taking into account. GREEN+ hybrids also have to provide energy through fiber and starch.


Very Early 

  • MAS 075.B GREEN+

  • MAS 08.F GREEN+


  • MAS 10.A GREEN+

  • MAS 16.B GREEN+

  • MAS 12.H GREEN+

  • DM0501 GREEN +

Early - Mid Early

Mid Late - Very Late