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Researching and Developing Tomorrow's Seed

Researching and Developing Tomorrow's Seeds for Today's Farmers

We are committed to investing in R&D to bring you sustainable, high-performance hybrid maize and sunflower varieties.

Developing Seeds for Sustainable Farming

Since 1949, MAS Seeds has collaborated with farmers accross Europe and West Africa in the development of high yielding, durable hybrids that are responsive to the changing climate.

Each seed variety has a decade of research and development behing it. As a result, our track record makes our hybrids a trusted, sustainable partner for farmers across 50 countries.

Helping farmers adapt to a changing climate through specialised agronomic support and the development of disease-resistant, drought-proof and high nutrient hybrids.




R&D girls

r&d sunflower greenhouse



R&D - Where it All Begins

As one of Europe's major seed companies, our top priority is the development of hybrid varieties that deliver high and secure top yields. Our investment in technology and R&D enables MAS Seeds to develop sustainable disease and drought-resistant seed varieties.

Creating new varieties beyond genetics, soil management and crop production, is our primary R&D goal, adding value to each seed planted on your farm.

Breeding Purpose

The purpose of MAS Seeds is to positively impact agriculture and provide sustainable solutions for the world of today and tomorrow. New constraints are making farmers' work more complex. The researchers have been anticipating these changes for many years, and are continuously trying to improve the seeds.

MAS Seeds's breeding examples through genetic innovations:

  • Breeding to secure feed efficiency in changing climate with GREEN+ silage corn hybrids
  • Yield maximization under any weather condition with WATERLOCK grain corn hybrids
  • High disease tolerance with HelioSMART sunflower hybrids




Our Breeding Priorities

Feed Efficiency

drought stress

MAS Seeds helps farmers secure feed efficiency in changing climate conditions. We are focused on improving disease tolerance, extended stay green, yield maximisation, and creating varieties with higher soluble sugars even under drought stress.

Drought Stress

drought stress

With a focus on breeding for quick field establishment and plant density under unfavorable sowing conditions, MAS Seeds is breeding drought tolerant varieties with strong dry-down and high protein content.

Disease Tolerance

disease tolerance

Combining quick field establishment with improved resistance against mildew, verticilium, sclerotinia, MAS Seeds is a leader in sunflower genetics. Offering varieties with expanded trait conversion for herbicide, broomrape and mildew tolerances, they are strong performers.

A Modern Breeding Methodology to Increase Genetic Gain

Here is how we apply a multidisciplinary breeding methodology to increase crop genetic potential per field and make farming sustainable for future generations.



breeding 3.0

Breeding 3.0

MAS Seeds is adjusting maize breeding strategies to accelerate the breeding process. This allows us to create high performance hybrids adapted for changing climates.



Data Driven Research

Data Driven Research

We apply high-end genotyping methodologies to all our crops to develop the best varieties for you. In partnership with NSIP we develop predictive breeding technologies to bring genetic innovation into the world market, faster and more precisely. We turn field data into actionable insights to support our R&D strategy.





We include all agro-climatic scenarios in breeding decisions and hybrid positioning as part of our variety development.



Research Locations

MAS Seeds has eight R&D centres across Europe and Africa, enabling us to select optimal combinations for different geographical conditions. We combine genetic fingerprinting with molecular markers and field trials to create, evaluate, and select hybrids based on genetic profiling.

R&D Map

R&D in Numbers


Biomolecular Lab in Haut-Mauco, France


R&D stations in France, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Mexico and Ivory Coast


Winter generation sites in Mexico, Chile, Argentine


Researchers, engineers and technicians in R&D department


Trial locations and more than 300 000 plots


Breeding partners in public and private institutions

Research Programs

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Maize :

3 Main Research Activities :

  • Pre-breeding and breeding​

  • Trait discovery​

  • Product evaluation​

On All Key Segments :

  • Very early to late Leafy & Digest Silage​

  • Very early to late Grain​

  • Tropical Maize​

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Sunflower :

3 Main Research Activities :

  • Pre-breeding and breeding​

  • Trait discovery and introgression​

  • Product evaluation​

On All Key Segments :

  • Very early to late Sunflower​

  • Herbicide tolerance technologies​

  • Linoleic & High-Oleic types​

  • Broomrape, Mildew and Black Rust resistances​

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Diversification & Agroecology :

Development and Product Evaluation :​

  • Soybean, Alfalfa, WOSR & Sorghum​

  • Cover Crops & Forage Mixtures​

Agroecology Solution Design :​

  • Mix cropping​

  • Relay cropping​

  • Intercropping​

10 Stations to Select Varieties and to define its Ideal Positioning​

25% Of the total workforce is dedicated to R&D. Our research stations are specialized in one or more crops depending on the location. Winter generation is managed by our sites in Mexico. ​


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Haut Mauco - France


53 Researchers

  • Laboratory & Green houses​

  • Trialing​

  • Maize R&D seeds production and preparation​

  • Maize parental lines management.


 A house with trees in the background</p>
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Rhodon - France


15 Researchers

  • Phenotyping for intensive and agroecological markets.​

  • Sunflower parental lines management.


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Herrieden - Germany


9 Researchers

  • Silage maize phenotyping​

  • Maize trialing for Europe



Belciugatele - Romania


15 Researchers

  • R&D seeds production and preparation.​

  • Sunflower trialing for Europe.


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Borispol - Ukraine


8 Researchers

  • Maize and sunflower product characterization for extensive market.


 A large machine in a field</p>
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Krasnodar - Russia


4 Researchers

  • Pre-commercial phenotyping station.


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Kalisz - Poland


3 Researchers

  • Grain and silage maize phenotyping station.


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Puerto Vallarta - Mexico


7 Researchers

  • Winter generation production of maize and sunflower R&D seeds.


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Queretaro - Mexico


5 Researchers

  • Main station for tropical maize research and development.​

  • Support for winter generation activities.



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Ahouati - Ivory Coast


2 Researchers

  • Pre-commercial  phenotyping station for tropical maize.