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Organic Seed Solutions

High quality maize and sunflower seeds

Helping Organic Crop Producers

At MAS Seeds we are committed to excellence in seed production. We know that organic seed production requires adhering to measured production standards and is a growing area of agricultural production.







Our Process

Over the past decade MAS Seeds and the Maïsadour Cooperative have invested in the development of their organic seed division. MAS Seeds knows that it is important to support organic growers by developing new techniques and processes to support organic production

Our organic seed is produced on fields that are specifically designated for organic production. Our harvested organic seeds are then processed and cleaned in our factory in France which has been certified for organic standards.

Our goal is to produce high-quality organic seed that performs for your farm.


Bred to Perform

At MAS Seeds we have carefully selected from our breeding lines to find the varieties best suited to organic production. We evaluated our seed based on three key areas to ensure you see results on your farm.



Early season vigour for optimal crop canopy

early vigour

  • A more developed crop is more resilient to stress from pest attacks
  • Early vigour means crops are better able to get ahead and compete against weeds

Tolerance to diseases and insects

desease tolerance

  • MAS Seeds’ extensive R&D trials allow for evaluation and selection of conventional seed varieties with strong tolerance against diseases and insects
  • Ability to adapt varieties to new geographies

Drought tolerance

drought tolerance

  • As with all our crops, we evaluate our organic seed varieties for the ability to withstand drought
  • Seeds are evaluated across our European trial network to see how they perform under drought stress

Our Varieties

MAS Seeds currently offers organic maize and sunflowers seed.


organic maize corn masseeds

Organic Maize: MAS Seeds has a large portfolio of organical maize varieties for grain or silage use.

To learn more about maize organic seeds or find organic seed products, contact your local MAS Seeds representative. 

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sunflower organic masseeds

Organic Sunflower: MAS Seeds offer organic producers a great selection of organic sunflower seed suitable for the European markets. 

To learn more about sunflower organic seeds or find organic seed products, contact your local MAS Seeds representative. 

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