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nutriplus silo

NUTRIPLUS® SILO - Improve Maize Silo Management

Increase the nutritional efficiency of your maize silage with NUTRIPLUS® Silo. A real-time decision-making tool to improve practices in silo management.

Increase the nutritional efficiency of your maize silage

Maize is the easiest forage crop to conserve in silage form. Practices for maize silage have changed over the last few years – harvesters and equipment are more efficient and silos can be filled much faster now. The number of tractors making the silo however, has remained stable.

As a result, silos can be less compacted leading to dry matter and quality losses.

nutriplus silo



nutriplus silo


A complete diagnostic of your Maize Silage

NUTRIPLUS® SILO is a service package within the NUTRIPLUS® Program provided by MAS Seeds where our experts make a complete diagnosis of your maize silage after opening your silo. It is a real-time decision-making tool to improve practices in silo management.


How it Works?

MAS Seeds adviser opens the silo at the farm with the cattle farmer and follows these steps :

  1. Visual observation of the grain cracking quality and presence of mold on the front of the silo;
  2. Measure the temperature, food value and compaction sampling with AgriNIR™* in several places across the silo;
  3. Feed value analysis completed thanks to data results entered in AgriNIR™*
  4. Personalised recommendations given along with a printed report focused on how to improving the quality of your forage and adapt your livestock’s diet:
  • Conservation quality
  • Feed value
  • Dry matter losses estimation for 6 months of storage
  • Personalised advice

*AgriNIR™* is a portable NIR analyzer for forages which measures moisture, starch, crude protein and many other nutrients, in just seconds









maize silo


nutriplus silo

Why is it Important?

A good silo management contributes to reducing significantly the losses :


Example : A 200 tons dry matter silo that can feed one hundred cows for 5-6 months

Source : MAS dairy farm network


Our expert talks about NUTRIPLUS® SILO


To learn more about our NUTRIPLUS Silo or get maize seed, find your local MAS Seeds representative.