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nutriplus silo


Increase the nutritional efficiency of silage maize

Increase Nutritional Efficiency

NUTRIPLUS® Silo is a real decision making tool helping to improve silo management practices by analysing your silo, identifying losses and giving you recommendations about how to improve for the next silo.

nutriplus silo

nutriplus silo



nutriplus silo

Optimize Silo Quality

  • Harvest date in silage in one of the key parameter to get a qualitative and quantitative.
  • 2 out of 3 farmers do not harvest at the right stage in silage
  • A bad silage quality management can lead to 50 to 250€/ha losses or 4000/silo*.

diagnostic*1 ton of dry matter costs about 100€ to produce (average in France)

How it Works?

MAS Seeds adviser opens the silo at the farm with the cattle farmer and follows these steps :

  1. Visual observation of the grain cracking quality and presence of mold on the front of the silo;
  2. Measure the temperature, food value and compaction sampling with AgriNIR™* in several places across the silo;
  3. Feed value analysis completed thanks to data results entered in AgriNIR™*
  4. Personalised recommendations given along with a printed report focused on how to improving the quality of your forage and adapt your livestock’s diet:
  • Conservation quality
  • Feed value
  • Dry matter losses estimation for 6 months of storage
  • Personalised advice








maize silo

*AgriNIR™* is a portable NIR analyzer for forages which measures moisture, starch, crude protein and many other nutrients, in just seconds



Collaboration with pilot farms

Nutriplus program has been tested and validated in our network of pilot farms in Europe during 2 years :

  • Follow sowing date advice help to reach until 1 ton of dry matter/ha and 0,02 UFL/kg
  • Follow harvest date advice improve the quality and conservation of the silo

*1 ton of dry matter cost about 100 € to produce (average in France)