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Nutriplus sat service


Advanced Satellite Technology for Precise Silage Harvest Advice thanks to Personalized Customer Report

Maximising Your Dairy Feed with Agronomic Advices

Harvest a the right date the silage corn is a key objective for dairy farmers. It’s the guarantee to harvest the best feed value and to have a good conservation on the silo :

  • Two out of three farmers do not harvest at the right stage
  • 50 to 250€/ha losses because of harvest at the wrong stage.

Nutriplus Sat Service help the farmer to follow and anticipate the percentage of dry matter evolution in silage corn to optimize harvest and silo quality in association with advanced satellite technology and precise silage harvest advice.


Nutri plus Sat







Satellite showing for the harvest

Advanced Satellite Technology

The satellite technology answers to theses issues with the following characteristics:


  • Real-time imagery
  • High Frequency, new updated image is available every 10-15 days
  • High-resolution imagery

nut sat



Customer Reports to follow Crop Evolution

NUTRIPLUS® SAT Service provide regular customer reports from 20% dry matter until harvest following these characteristics:

To learn more about NUTRIPLUS® SAT, you can download our leaflet here and contact your MAS Sales advisor.