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nutriplus observatory

NUTRIPLUS Observatory

Inform your farmers in just one clic!

Inform Farmers

With NUTRIPLUS® Observatory, agronomists can easily and rapidly inform and communicate to their farmers or technicians about the silage forecast harvest dates in their region.

Harvest date in silage in one of the key parameter to get a qualitative and quantitative silage. We observe that 2 out of 3 farmers do not harvest at the right stage in silage. 

nutriplus observatory




nutriplus observatory

Harvest Quality

NUTRIPLUS Observatory heps farmers to :

  • Better understand : View variety of indicators for silage maize growers in your region (location, weather, sowing date, maturity group) and anticipate harvest date
  • Better communicate: Comunicate easily and rapidly to your technicians and farmers on harvest forecasts dates

nutriplus observatory

Regional Report

The NUTRIPLUS® Observatory delivers a harvest window forecast per maturity group depending on selected sowing window in a region. The report combines following information representing a region on a table: 

  • Locations
  • Varieties from different maturities
  • Sowing periods

It is possible to identify all actual harvest maturity situation in a region at glance thanks to the summary of comparative data. 


nutriplus observatory