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nutriplus harvest


High quality silage by in-field diagnostic

Optimizing Harvest quality

NUTRIPLUS® Harvest  helps to optimise harvest quality by forecasting the best harvest window based on the plant analysis from on your field

Harvest a the right date the silage maize  is a key objective for dairy farmers. It’s the guarantee to harvest the best feed value and to have a good conservation on the silo.

A bad silage quality management can lead to 50 to 250 €/ha losses or 4000/silo*

*1 ton of dry matter costs about 100 € to produce (average in France)


nutriplus harvest





Infrared Technology Use

The XNIR or AGRINIR sensor measures the dry matter (DM) percentage of silage maize directly on the field: 

  •  Measure: Direct plant measure
  •  Precision: Infra-red technology
  •  MAS Seeds® expertise: Specific calibration on green maize plan

In Field Diagnostic

Our MAS Seeds® expert makes a diagnostic of your plants thanks to a high precision sensor: 

picture details



nutriplus harvest