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NORUST, Sunflower hybrids with the best tolerance to black rust

MAS Seeds NORUST hybrid was developed for tolerance to black rust. An aggressive sunflower disease, it can impact yields up to 80% and oil content up to 15%.

NORUST Hybrids

For many years, MAS Seeds has recognized the economic impact of Black rust in sunflowers.​ This has let us to develop the NORUST hybrid, which have the best tolerance against black rust in the market. 

With NORUST hybrids, you can sow it in all situations:

  • In low pressure: no visible symptoms,
  • In high pressure without fungicides: later appearance of black rust infection and less impact compared to competitors,
  • In high pressure with fungicides: only minimal infection and less impact compared to competitor.



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Black Rust Infection Impacts Sunflower 

By causing:

  • Increased water loss 
  • Acceleration of plant senescence 
  • Yield losses of  25 to 80% and oil content losses of 4 to 15% 


Black Rust Management

Black rust can impact sunflower yield up to 80%. It can also impact oil content up to 15%:

  • Choosing seed with genetic resistance is the most efficient solution against black rust.​ 
  • Respect crop rotation with a delay of 4 years between 2 sunflower cultivations.​ 
  • Use of fungicide at first symptoms of rust – when 1% of the leaf is infected. 



black rust picture


Find the Right Hybrid for Your Farm

There is a NORUST hybrid to fit all your farms’ marketing needs. 

no rust hybrids



To learn more about our NORUST or find seed, contact your local MAS Seeds representative

To Learn More

Black rust is one of the most aggressive diseases in sunflowers. Caused by Puccinia helianthi spp., black rust affects around 8 millions of hectares globally in Northern America, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina and Australia. The disease appears from June to the harvest.

The ideal risk factors are: ​ 

  • High air moisture conditions (85-92%)​ 
  • Periodic rains​ 
  • Temperatures between 12 to 30°C (optimum 25°C) 


Black Rust Life Cycle

                                  black rust life cycle

Symptoms on Sunflower


black rust symptoms