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Here you can discover all MAS Seeds News. You will find further events, future field trials, new varieties review, our sales representatives'videos and of course everything that is happening on our social media with the MAS Seeds social wall.

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WATERLOCK Webserie #6

The 6th episode of the WATERLOCK webserie in online!

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MAS Seeds new subsidiary in Ivory Coast


New Subsidiary Opening in Ivory Coast

MAS Seeds continues its international development with the creation of a subsidiary in Ivory Coast to offer a complete range of yellow and white tropical corn, directly and through his local partners in Western Africa.

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Social Wall

RT @DamienVignaud: Deux nouveautés tournesol sous le soleil de Charente-Maritime @MASseeds https://t.co/V6XxOt84qX

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RT @EmmanuelL_FMC: Merci 👏 à #MasSeeds pour la journée de partage autour des problématiques tournesol 🌻. Expertise ✏️ et connaissance 📝 de…

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RT @HontangFranck: Vitrine MAS Seeds 2020 à Aire sur l'Adour (40) on y retrouve le MAS 43P, MAS 52P, MAS 47M mais également quelques petits…

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RT @bigard_q: Quand je vois le #Tournesol 🌻 @MASseeds #MAS88OL qui commence à fleurir, je me dis que les 20mm d’avant hier ne pouvaient pas…

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RT @stephane_munos: Sunny morning @INRAE_Tlse : #sunflower sampling in the nursery for @SUNRISE_France and a collaborative project with @MA…

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