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Here you can discover all MAS Seeds News. You will find further events, future field trials, new varieties review, our sales representatives'videos and of course everything that is happening on our social media with the MAS Seeds social wall.

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RT @gnis: [CONCOURS PHOTO] #MaVacheAimeLeMaïs 🐮🌽🐮🌽🐮🌽
Gagnez jusqu'à 1000€ de remboursement sur achat fournitures agricoles telles que des #…

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"Campagne de production 2018 : la grande résilience du maïs français."
Un communiqué Maiz’Europ’ ➡️… https://t.co/izyoRolzzn

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RT @ESA_euroseeds: #Climatechange is predicted to affect agricultural production w/ droughts &other abiotic stresses. These constraints to…

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RT @true_bug: It turns out that native bees contribute significantly to confection sunflower yield. Something that I helped @remallinger an…

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Magret de canard et #polenta croustillante
by @YouCookCuisine
en vidéo 🎥sur 🌽Cet épi m'épate ! @MaisDurable
➡️… https://t.co/YOA8PslWZQ

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