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WATERLOCK Webserie #2

By Burcin DILCI - On 10.12.2019

The second episode of WATERLOCK Webserie is online ! 

Waterlock is our response of the actual climate challenge thanks to the corn hybrids which have a better capicity to have some more normal activity after a drought period. 

#MasSeeds relies on a large network of trials in Europe to develop #Waterlock #Corn hybrids, especially in regions with high risk of drought. Watch the Mas Seeds testing network or read more:

Boris Calvet, Corn Trialing Lead MAS Seeds, introduces you to how the Waterlock Hybrid varieties are selected through our corn testing locations across Europe. MAS Seeds relies on its extensive experimentation network to develop its maize hybrids, especially in regions with high risk of drought

WATERLOCK épisode 2 🎬 👇


To review the first episode : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYH2HUwQkOk

Don't hesitate to follow us on our social media : 

Learn more about Waterlock

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