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A partnership between Bordeaux Sciences Agro school, MAS Seeds and Maïsadour for the agriculture of tomorrow

A new partnership for MAS Seeds

By e.berteloot@maisadour.com - On 21.06.2023

A partnership between Bordeaux Sciences Agro school, MAS Seeds and Maïsadour for the agriculture of tomorrow

This partnership aims to develop joint training, study and research projects in agroecology and digital technology for agriculture, in order to respond to the necessary agricultural transition.

At a time when the agricultural world is facing multiple challenges, the Bordeaux Sciences Agro school (BSA), MAS Seeds and Maïsadour signed a strategic partnership on May 10, 2023.

Projects will be deployed around three axes: agroecology, digital technology for agriculture and human resources. They will primarily concern the Group's various crop productions: grain corn, waxy/waxy pro, sweet corn, sunflower, soy and vegetables.

"In line with our CSR policy, this partnership represents a new concrete step towards the agriculture of tomorrow." said Christophe Bonno, CEO of Maïsadour.

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Digital technology, a major lever for the agroecological transition

MAS Seeds and Maïsadour are already investing in Research & Development and deploying numerous digital solutions to their members and customers (weather stations, geolocation, etc.). It is now necessary to define a new roadmap thanks to the many advantages of digital technology, based on the enhancement of data and artificial intelligence.

A collaboration is thus established with BSA's Digital Department

Made up of 5 teacher-researchers and 5 agricultural engineers who are experts in digital technologies. The school develops training courses for professionals in data science, information systems and connected agriculture. It also created the AgroTIC Chair with the Institut Agro Montpellier, a chair which brings together 28 companies around actions (seminars, studies, monitoring, working groups, etc.) for the development and sharing of knowledge around digital agriculture.

Raising employee awareness to better support farmers

The successful agricultural transition will only happen thanks to women and men who are aware of the new challenges and trained in the solutions of tomorrow.

4 major actions are planned:
•   Setting up training for Maïsadour employees and farm managers.
•   Recruitment of students from Bordeaux Sciences Agro as part of - internships or work-study programs.
•   Participation of Maïsadour in the training of students in order to enrich their educational curriculum with the concrete case of an agricultural cooperative.
•   Participation of MAS Seeds and Maïsadour in collaborative projects for sharing knowledge and co-constructing solutions.

“We must transform our agricultural model from within. This partnership should allow us to find people, expertise, who will reflect on this change and support it, thanks to their own vision and knowledge » said Pierre Flye Sainte Marie, Managing Director of MAS Seeds.

Commit to the longevity and sustainability of the farms of tomorrow

Ensuring the sustainability of our sectors and the economic sustainability of our territory is our primary mission as an agricultural cooperative. Our commitment is continuous, and our mobilization must be at the service of the transformation of our production models to contribute on our scale to food sovereignty” explained Christophe Bonno.


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