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MAS Seeds company

MAS Seeds stands among the 20 Most Climate Friendly Companies Over 2021

By i.re@maisadour.com - On 03.05.2022

MAS Seeds hits the list of "The 20 Most Climate Friendly Companies Over 2021"

European Seed put the spotlight on the European seed companies that are working hard and making great efforts to mitigate climate change. MAS Seeds appears in the list of the "The 20 Most Climate Friendly Companies Over 2021", embodying that effort.​


Make Farming More Sustainable

MAS Seeds has reviewed and re-written its breeding objectives over the past few years and added “Make farming more sustainable” to the top of its breeding strategy. ​

​To this day they have selected and launched a portfolio of varieties that support a more sustainable agriculture: such as ‘WATERLOCK’ grain corn varieties that have a higher resilience against drought and improved water use efficiency; ‘GREEN+’ silage corn varieties which stay longer green even under drought conditions at the end of the vegetation cycle and ‘HELIOSMART’ sunflower varieties which are selected for their genetic ability to resist against the three main diseases combined: mildew, sclerotinia and verticillium. ​

​MAS Seeds has also a unique tropical germplasm, that allows them to improve its temperate corn with drought tolerance through working on traits such as stomatal closure and evapotranspiration efficiency.​

​The company has recognized today’s climate challenges and is ready to tackle them not only because it is demanded but because they deeply believe in it.

climate change

To get informed about the 20 Most Climate Friendly Companies, find out the article on the European Seed website, here.

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