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MAS Seeds Company Name

Announcement: Company Name Change

By Burcin DILCI - On 22.11.2019

As of 30. October 2019, the name of the company in France is MAS Seeds 

We are happy to announce that, as of 30. October 2019, the name of our company in France has changed from Maïsadour Semences to MAS Seeds with due approval from the shareholders. Its legal form (Societé anonyme / S.A.), registration number, VAT number, head office address remains the same. 

This change  occurred in accordance with the long-term development strategy of the company. We changed our brand in April 2018. Now, changing our company name as well will allow us to present ourselves more coherent with our new brand and as an innovative and international seed partner. 

We will keep our attachment to Maisadour Group with the mention of "A brand of MAÏSADOUR" in all our communications, as we are proud to share their strength in agriculture, their long history and know-how, and their close relationships with farmers.

The name of our international subsidiaries worldwide has not been changed. However all subsidiaries abroad plan to adopt this strategy in a possible time frame depending on the country. Italy was the first country to follow this change with their new company name MAS Seeds Italia. Congratulations Italy!! 

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