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Here you can discover all MAS Seeds News. You will find further events, future field trials, new varieties review, our sales representatives'videos and of course everything that is happening on our social media with the MAS Seeds social wall.

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60 years of corn breeding


Why a Long Legacy of Corn Breeding Makes a Difference

Haut-Mauco, october 24th 2022


Corn is one of the most critical crops globally. From humans, to animals, the calories provided by these golden kernels make life-changing differences around the world. MAS Seeds has researched this crop for more than six decades and this means they’re poised to bring new, better products to market today faster than ever before.

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Complicated weather conditions,weed pressure, pest pressure& #soil nutrients are all hurdles you face. Introducing… https://t.co/qTRvtYwQIm

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In the #climatechange fight, MAS Seeds’ cover crops may be used in agricultural fields, orchards & vineyards to pro… https://t.co/4rCxS340Pt

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We are very proud to work together with @Maisadour to develop soybean sector in South-west France and contributing… https://t.co/kzRdzqLFAZ

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