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Mas Seeds

MAS Seeds News

Here you can discover all MAS Seeds News. You will find further events, future field trials, new varieties review, our sales representatives'videos and of course everything that is happening on our social media with the MAS Seeds social wall.

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Social Wall

MAS Seeds' seasoneal workers are leading field activites all summer long and beyond! 🤠 Their commitment, dynamism… https://t.co/BXSEnrar6L

@MASSeeds twitter

Dans le cadre de la saison de la collecte du maïs, MAS Seeds recherche des #Chauffeurs Poids Lourds, H/F

🕑Période… https://t.co/21f5o1bYo0

@MASSeeds twitter

MAS Seeds recherche des #Opérateurs Polyvalents de Production – Contrats #Saisonniers, H/F

🕑Période de travail: C… https://t.co/c33xQUtjnn

@MASSeeds twitter

📢 MAS Seeds recrute ses saisonniers ❗

#MASSeeds offre aux chercheurs d'#emploi du territoire plus de 350 postes ou… https://t.co/FeJ5mHsE9w

@MASSeeds twitter

We introduce you to one of our agroecological crop, Soybean 🌱🚜

#Sustainablefarming #GreenPolicies #Soybeanhttps://t.co/XbFv9B2D8F

@MASSeeds twitter