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Marketing Customer Support

Our expert agricultural engineers deliver exceptional personalised customer care to farmers and distributors in more than 50 countries.

No two fields are the same

No matter the seed, each variety performs differently from one region to another. Our seed experts work hand-in-hand with farmers to share their seed knowledge to help you get the best results. We also advise our growers on the optimal growing conditions, factoring in soil type, climate and localised agricultural practices, and giving farmers many choices from the most stable.

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Serving you with 13 Subsidiaries across 50 Countries



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Worldwide sales


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Sales representatives,

marketing specialists, and agronomist for customer care

Our highly trained agronomists ensure that you get the best seed recommendations and agronomic support through a vast global network of distributors. Our team of experts conduct thousands of field trials with farmers and distributors ensuring that we continue to deliver high-quality customer support across our service area.