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Improving your harvest, one seed at a time.

MAS Seeds is committed to working hand-in-hand with farmers across the globe to supply them with high-quality seeds that increase yields. With a focus on R&D, rigorous seed production standards, and customer-centric support services we help our customers meet the growing demands of the global agri-food industry. .

Research and Development

Enhancing Crop Yields Around the World

Mas Seeds' hybrid seed research and development is trusted by farmers worldwide. Our goal is to increase crop performance through advanced breeding solutions, a key to high-performance varieties.


Seeds Production

Producing High-Quality Seed

Mas Seeds is an expert in hybrid seed production, supporting farmers by improving their maize, sunflower, oilseed rape, alfalfa and forage crop yields through the development of high-performance seeds.

Marketing Customer Support

Global Distribution And Support

With 13 recognised subsidiaries across 50 countries, our team of agronomists support farmers and distributors in selecting the best hybrid seed varieties to suit the local farming demands, offer product support while helping farmers to better understand their crops.