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high quality seed packaging

High Quality for Higher Yields

With over 70 years of seed production expertise, MAS Seeds knows the difference quality seed can make on your farm

It Starts with the Seed

Sixty percent of your crop’s yield depends on the quality of its emergence. This is impacted by two key factors:

  1. Seed Placement – Timing, depth and environmental conditions (depth, moisture, etc.)
  2. Seed Selection – Early vigour, seed enhancements, germination and overall seed quality

At MAS Seeds our goal is to provide high quality seeds and innovative solutions to help farmers increase the value of their production and their land in a sustainable way.



high quality seed



high quality seed

Building Blocks for Success

We’ve worked hard to become a European leader in hybrid seed production. We approach seed production strategically and that is how we have been able to deliver a 5-7% higher germination rate in comparison to official standards*.

While we know we can’t control Mother Nature, we know that the equation for higher yields is a combination of high quality seed, the right inputs and strong agronomic practices. At MAS Seeds we use our strict production protocols and high tech facilities combine great genetics with seed enhancement to give your crop the best possible start.


*Source : MAS Seeds database

High Quality Seeds + Innovation Applied to the Seed = A Direct Impact on Yield



High Quality Seeds


  • Production protocols adapted to each variety
  • Demanding quality controls at each step of the process
  • Calibration methods guarantee the best possible seed homogeneity in each bag

Innovation Applied to the Seed


  • R&D experts dedicated to creation and trialing to find the best seed applied solutions
  • Investment in top-of-the-line coating technology in our seed facilities
  • Carefully selected products that deliver results, boosting germination vigour for a quicker plant development

A direct Impact on Yield

yield impact

  • 2-7% higher yields depending on emergence conditions*
  • More uniform density because of less plant losses (seed and soil borne disease protection)
  • Quicker emergence and improved competition


*Source : MAS Seeds database