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Confidentiality declaration

We consider your information as confidential and will not disclose nor permit their use in any other means. This confidentiality declaration explains each type of personnal data acquired by Mas Seeds when interacting with us and our website.

Personal data collected

 When you contact us for any question from our website, we collect personal information necessary to treat your requirements. They include the following : Last name, first name, email adress and telephone.

 When you fill out the Agrotempo form, including names and email, we may collect your gender and postal adress.

 In both situations, this information are necessary in dealing with your demand and are never used in any other means.

Cookies and similar technologies

 Cookies are small text files created by your navigator on your computer, tablet or smartphone that allows you to conserve user data to facilitate navigation and allow the use of several fonctions.

 We use cookies for :

 Detecting which country you are accessing the website from to use your language and later, show the current status of your grains, if necessary,

For localisation needs, like showing weather information.

For connecting to your website, this possibility was given to configure cookies to limit their use. you may also configure, at your leisure through your navigators parameters.

Parameters depend on your curren twebsite navigator :

Securising your data

Mas Seeds sets everything up to guarantee data security. We protect your data against all unauthorised access, modification, disclosure or deletion.

We also assure that all our subcontractors  have the same security policies as us.

How to use your rights

According the informatique et liberté act of january 6th 1978 and to 2016/679 EU regulation of the European Parlement and Council of April 27th 2016, any physical person can exerce their right to access, of rectification, opposition and deletion of the treatment and mobility of their data.

To exerce these rights, you can contact us at the following email address : dpo@maisadour.com

For the best service available, please inclue a photocopy of tyour identity card signed for your demand.