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AGROTEMPO Technician

Digital crop monitoring for agronomists

Field Data Analysis for Technicians

AGROTEMPO® Technician is a service that gives access to the team of technicians to all agro-data analytics of AGROTEMPO® tool.

The service will help you to follow, anticipate and optimise crop operations from sowing to harvest for maize, sunflower, oilseed rape and alfalfa thanks to the combinaison of your agronomist expertise and powerful agro-weather analytics.

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AGROTEMPO as a tool

AGROTEMPO® is the tool used by technicians and agronomists during customer visits on the field to rapidly and simply input field data, visualize and analyze all data collected. It give a complete and detailed field overview and farmer situation to help the technician to give personalized advices.

  • Input : crop operations from sowing to harvest, observations, pictures
  • Visualise and analyse : data visualisation interface, summary with indicators, data export

Weather Data for Agricultural Professionals

Agro-weather analytics are available during all the seasons to help technicians to take decision during different crop periods. Combined with the collected field data it helps anticipating and optimising crop operations. MAS Seeds helps you to make agro-monitoring based agronomic knowledge of seeds and agro-weather expertise.

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