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maize seed applied solution

AGROSTART® Maize Seed Applied Solution

Innovative Corn Seed Care for better Field Establishment and Yield Safety

Seed Applied Solutions

AGROSTART® and AGROSTART®+ are the complete seed applied solution to get your maize crop off to the best possible start.

With an innovative formula that use MAS Seeds’ biostimulant as the foundation, AGROSTART® adds fungicide to protect the seed and enhance crop emergence :

  • AGROSTART®+ INSECT offer both fungicide and insecticide
  • AGROSTART®+ BIRD REPELLENT offer both fungicide and bird repellent





agrostart maize





How It Works

Seed application solution act as an insurance policy to guarantee the health of your maize by minimising the effects of pest and disease pressure during stand establishment. In addition to getting your crop off to a strong start, seed application can help minimise foliar pesticide applications in crop.

AGROSTART® and AGROSTART®+ were designed to help you secure the yields of your maize crop and effective and responsible pest management solutions.

Standard formulation                                         

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  • Biostimulants: a new humic acid formulation to improve the absorption of nutrients available around seedling.
  • Fungicide: prevents damage during the early growth phase from fungus and secure the emergence.

Advanced Formulation For Soil Insect Pressure

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  • Biostimulant and fungicide standard formulation.
  • Insecticide (FORCE): protects against the principal soil insects as wireworms.


Advanced Formulation For Bird Pressure

agrostart bird logo


  • Biostimulant and fungicide standard formulation.
  • Bird repellent (KORIT).

Boost and protect the seedling for a better emergence

  • Quicker and more regular emergence​
  • Higher emergence rate in cold conditions (+ 5% of raised plants)​
  • Better roots exploration and nutrient absorption








MAS Seeds Production & Services - R&D results 2014-2018​agrostart logo

MAS Seeds Production & Services - R&D results 2014-2018

Improve yield in all situations, especially in cold conditions at emergence


  • + 3% Yield in average *​

  • + 11% Yield in cold conditions at emergence*

* Compared to standard treatment. Source: MAS Seeds Research in Seeds Production Data