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alfalfa field picture


Innovative alfalfa seed care for improved field establishment and yield

Seed Applied Solution

AGROSTART® and AGROSTART®+ MYCO  are the complete seed applied solution to get your alfalfa crop off the best possible start.

With an innovative formula that use MAS Seeds' biostimulant as the foundation, AGROSTART adds mycorhization to boost the crop all along the vegetation:

  • AGROSTART® offer inoculation and micro-nutrition to insure the best establishment and higher yield
  • AGROSTART®+ MYCO  offer Glomus intraradices fungi to insure a better regularity over time and space thanks to a better nutrients absorption, especially phosphorus


agrostart alfalfa



alfalfa roots & funghi symbiosis

How it Works

The symbiosis between Glomus intraradices and alfalfa benefits for both of the species:


  • Alfalfa provides food and shelter for the fungus which ensure its survival and growth.
  • Fungus shares its roots which greatly enhances the alfalfa’s ability to absorb nutrients, especially phosphorus and water. 

The mycorhyze increases phosphore intake about +300%*

*Source : Jansa et al. 2008 New Phytologist

Benefis for Farmers

AGROSTART®+ MYCO with MYCORHIZATION enhances the nutrients absorption ability of alfalfa and brings therefore following benefits:

  • Better stress resistance (salt, drought, cold)
  • Higher and more stable yield over 4 years of cultivation
  • Better fodder quality, higher protein content
  • Better vigour and growth


phosphore intake

Comparison Between Two Solutions

                     solution comparison

Source: MAS Seeds® & Cerience R&D data, trials conducted on 4 locations (France, Spain, Poland, Romania)