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Dedicated to all field crop producers to increase their yield in a sustainable way.

Maximizing the efficiency of your field crops from seeding to harvest

The AGROPLUS® services help field crop producers to increase their yields in a sustainable way.

  • Grain corn varieties : a diversified hybrid maize portfolio suited for all growing zones and end use needs such as organic, waxy, white and vitreus. 
  • Sunflower varieties:  seed varieties to fit all your marketing needs. Our varieties offer varied oil profiles, excellent weed control strategies, and built-in pests and diseases tolerance.
  • Winter oilseed rape varieties : productive oilseed rape hybrids suited for all climate conditions. 
  • MAS4 & other field crops : With a full seed lineup, MAS4 portfolio of cover crops and forage mixtures, sorghum and cereal seeds means you’ll find the right variety for your needs. 













agrotempo and agroplus


Expert Service and Personalised Tool


AGROPLUS® combines the agronomic expertise of our team, the work of our R&D program, and field trials to offers agronomic recommendations and services with in-crop advice with :

  • MAS START, from pre-sowing to beginning of sowing
  • AGROPLUS® REPORT, from sowing to post-harvest
  • AGROTEMPO® TECHNICIAN to use during all the year



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