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sunflower harvest


Reach the best out of our varieties with our agronomic expertise

Optimise Yield

AGROPLUS® Report consists of a complete analysis of your field with cultural advices in order to optimise your crop operations and reach the yield potential of MAS Seeds® varieties.

The reports are created by your MAS Seeds® technician and sent to you by email 3 times in the vegetation.


agroplus report



report yield

Source: University of Illinois Crop Physiology Science

Improving Crop Operations

Crop yield can be explained at 54% by crop operations: sowing time or density, soil preparation,fertilisation, harvest, etc.

To optimise crop practices, it is necessary to understand and analyse the specific conditions of the field (soil, weather, constraints…) and make the most adapted crop practice choice.

Personalised Reports

3 agronomic reports are sent by email in pdf at 3 key periods of the crop cycle: post-emergence report, post-flowering report and post-harvest report

These 3 reports combine field observations following your MAS Seeds® technician visit and agro-weather analyses taking into account the field conditions:

  • Observations
  • Crop operations
  • Agro-weather indicators
  • Personalised advices




agroplus report