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act together

Act Together for a Changing Agriculture

Since 1949, we team up with farmers to respond to agricultural challenges and contribute to the changing agriculture that will feed the future generations.




Agriculture is Changing

towards a better one that will not degrade our natural resources and compromise future generation’s food production.

At MAS Seeds this principle is in the core of everything we do: We develop and produce high performing corn and sunflower varieties, and provide a diversified crop portfolio, seed applied solutions and digital services that contributes to sustainable agriculture.

Our purpose is to Act Together for a Changing Agriculture

We Act Together

  • With our teams in all departments and with our cooperative roots to develop products and solution
  • With our partners, distributors and farmers to test and implement these solutions to answer the needs of a changing agriculture




Our Initiatives

We believe there are three key initiatives we feel will help us help future proof agriculture:

  • Agroecological transition requires a change of today’s agricultural model to increase production efficiency, substitute inputs or even to redesign an agricultural system towards a less industrialised one.
  • Farm sustainability means that we meet the needs of today’s population without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs – environmentally, socially, and economically. 
  • Agriculture can transition from CO2 emitter to CO2 capturer by changing today’s model towards an agroecological one, starting with simpler measures: using high carbon capturing crops, diversifying crop rotations, integrating cultivation practices like relay cropping, cover crops, conservation tillage, management of nitrogen-based fertilisers and green manures.


We Act Together for


Agroecological transition


  • Diversifying crop rotations
  • Promoting sustainable water management 
  • Reducing chemical inputs 
  • Conserving soil fertility 

Sustainability of farms

sustainability of farms

  • Breeding resilient and adaptable crops
  • Developing protein rich feed solutions for livestock farms
  • Optimising nitrogen fertliser usage

Positive carbon balance

carbon sink

Using land as carbon sinks


MAS Seeds create genetics and agro-services to help our customers improve their production and to face an increasingly difficult climatic and economic environment:


GREEN+ Silage Maize


The no.1 objective of cattle breeders in Europe – Harvest at the right time to optimize quality and conservation in the silo.

Harvesting between 32-35% of dry matter is the good compromise between yield, feed value and quality of conservation.

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waterlock logo

Make the Most Out of Each Drop. Higher Resilience Against Drought to Face Climate Change.

Grain corn hybrids from the MAS Seeds portfolio that have a superior ability to thrive under drought stress are labelled WATERLOCK.

To learn more, click here



HelioSMART Sunflower


HelioSMART sunflower hybrids are bred to have the highest genetic tolerance to the main diseases impacting sunflower production.

Disease can impact sunflower production by robbing 30-100% of yield depending on the conditions and severity.

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NORUST Sunflower


NORUST hybrid was developed for tolerance to black rust. An aggressive sunflower disease, it can impact yields up to 80% and oil content up to 15%.

NORUST hybrids have the best tolerance against black rust in the market. 

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The NUTRIPLUS® program helps dairy farmers increase forage nutritional efficiency.

Our crop production experts run field trials to provide personalised recommendations to assist you in optimising the nutritional performance of your dairy feed and fodder mixtures

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AGROPLUS® Services


The AGROPLUS® program help field crop producers to increase their yields in a sustainable way.

AGROPLUS combines the agronomic expertise of our team, the work of our R&D program, and field trials to offers agronomic recommendations and service with in-crop advice.

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AGROSTART® Seed Applied Solutions


AGROSTART® and AGROSTART®+ are the complete seed application solution to get your maize and sunflower crop off to the best possible start.

With an innovative formula that use MAS Seeds’ biostimulant as the foundation, AGROSTART® adds fungicide to protect the seed and enhance crop emergence.

To learn more about AGROSTART® Maize, click here and AGROSTART® Sunflower, click here


Crops diversification

crops diversification

MAS Seeds offer genetic solutions including varieties of maize and sunflower tolerant to diseases and various climatic stress, with also a range of seeds adapted to the needs of diversification and rotation such as soybeans, alfalfa, rapeseed, sorghum, cover crops with recognized agronomic benefits.

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