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Act together for a changing agriculture At MAS Seeds®, we have set our core purpose to contribute to agro-ecological transition and to Act Together for a Changing Agriculture. Watch the video to discover more about our purpose and our ways of working. Meet the new MAS4 Seed Mixtures We have recently launched a new seed […]

Sales & Marketing

Our expert agricultural engineers deliver exceptional personalised customer care to farmers and distributors, with close field support and innovative services, in more than 50 countries. A unique customer care No matter the seed, each variety performs differently from one region to another. Our seed experts work hand-in-hand with farmers to share their seed knowledge to […]

Seed Production

Each seed bag we produce travels a long process from planning through multiplication up until the farm’s doorstep. We partner with more than 500 local seed growers and logistic companies, employ full time and seasonal team members and follow a unique quality procedure to supply high quality seeds to farmers around the world. PLANNING Each […]

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NUTRIPLUS® Observatory – Regional harvest forecast for silage

Inform your farmers in just one clic ! With NUTRIPLUS® Observatory, agronomists can easily and rapidly inform and communicate to their farmers or technicians about the silage forecast harvest dates in their region. Two out of three farmers do not harvest at theright stage. Optimize harvest date and improve silo quality Harvesting the silage maize […]

NUTRIPLUS® Silo – Silage Diagnostic

Increase the nutritional efficiency of silage maize With NUTRIPLUS® Silo, MAS Seeds® experts make a complete diagnosis of your maize silage after opening your silo. It is a real-time decision-making tool to improve practices in silo management. 50 to 250€/ha losses because of bad silo management Calculation A 200 tons dry matter silo that can feed one […]

Growing Oilseed Rape

Welcome to our concise guide on nutrient management for growing oilseed rape. We’ll cover essential aspects of fertilization, focusing on the critical nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, and sulphur. Understanding the right timing and dosage for these nutrients is key to maximizing your crop’s yield and quality. Whether you’re an experienced farmer or new to […]

MAS4 Seed Mixture Guide 2024

MAS4 Seed Mixture Guide presents the new mixture portfolio for a changing agriculture. The guide also lays out our convictions and the new portfolio strategy. MAS4 COVER portfolio includes a wide range of cover and intercrops. MAS4 NUTRI portfolio consists of fodder mixtures for different cultivation practices or uses. MAS4 EXPERT portfolio consists of special […]