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  • More than 70 years of experience in seed business

    Our mission is to provide high quality seeds and innovative solutions to farmers. Since 1949, we team up with farmers to respond to agricultural challenges.
  • sunflower field yield

    Sustainable Innovation is The Future of Agriculture

    Researchers continue to improve sunflower varieties targeting  sustainable and attainable innovation

  • Masseeds NSPI

    NSIP Research Partnership

    MAS Seeds and Nature Source Improved Plants join forces in a long-term agreement

  • logistics covid-19

    MAS Seeds works on ensuring seed supply despite COVID-19

    We take all measures necessary to make sure our seeds make their ways to our customers, as this is the guarantee of next year feed and food supply.

  • silage maize corn harvest

    GREEN +

    Silage maize hybrids to secure feed efficiency in changing climate

Discover our seeds and sustainable solutions

MAS Seeds' mission is to provide high quality seeds and innovative solutions to help farmers increase the value of their production and their land in a sustainable way. We offer a wide choice of crops, hybrid seeds, organic seeds, genetic solutions for a sustainable farming, seed care products & bio-stimulants, agronomic solutions and services. 

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FAIVRE Frédéric

New Markets Sales Manager

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burcin dilci

Dilci Burcin

Head of Communication and Brand Management

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